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I am really into the cats from Thailand, so much so, I  opened "The Thai Cat Center". The center is all about studying this natural breed of cat, in its homeland and in the west. I work with breeders in Thailand, breeders in America, and cat scientists to increase our knowledge of these cats. If you want to know more about these incredible cats, visit my web site by clicking below. 

I am also active with the group, TIMBA, or The International Maew Boran Association. What we think of as Burmese, Siamese, and Tonkinese cats are called Maew Boran in Thailand. TIMBA  is working to preserve the national breed of Thailand and has a registration program for cats in Thailand. Its a great group doing great work. Visit there site at or click on the link below.

Indian Spring Cats:  Burmese, Siamese, and Tonkinese

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In an effort to breed healthy cats, I have imported cats from Thailand to diversify my breeding program. indian spring cats burmese and thai cats burmese and thai kittens in Washingtond indian spring cats imported thai cats indian spring cats kittens for sale indian spring cats burmese siamese tonkinese cats. 

Indian Spring Cats Burmese Siamese Tonkinese Cats

When I started Indian Spring Cattery, it was my intention to breed Burmese cats.  In my opinion, Burmese cats make the best pets in the entire world. But,  I soon discovered the American Burmese breed was in trouble. Virtually no  cats had been imported from Thailand in 100 years and the breed had become inbred.  A rather sobering study by Dr.Leslie Lyons, renown cat researcher, revealed that American Burmese are the most inbred cat breed in the world. 

I decided to do something about it. My thought was this. The American Burmese breed was CREATED with Siamese, Tonkinese, and Burmese cats, imported from Thailand,  100 years ago. The only sensible thing to do was to import more cats from Thailand and add some genetic diversity to the American Burmese breed. And that is what I did. I have imported a spectrum of cats from Thailand and use them in my Burmese breeding program. And, as a result of importing all these cats, I now have Tonkinese and Siamese kittens available.

Though I think my cats are beautiful, I do not aim to produce show cats. I am to produce the healthy pets that will bring joy and happiness to their owners for years and years. I breed for health and personality and…….. for health and personality. 


I feel that what sets these cats apart from the other breeds is their fantastic dog-like personality.  All of the American Burmese cats in my breeding program, and those imported from Thailand, have that irresistible personality.  If you are looking for a healthy cat, brimming with personality, you have come to the right cattery.  If you are looking for a healthy Burmese cat, I have those. If you are looking for an old style old school Siamese, I have those. If you are looking for what lies between the two, a Tonkinese,  I have those too! 


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To have a positive impact on the breeds, we need families to adopt the kittens that are not chosen for use in breeding programs.  Selection requires picking the best cats for breeding but not every kitten will make the cut.  However, those not selected will make wonderful, loving companions for anyone.


Promote responsible breeding

Because I make the breeding decisions for my cats, I have a responsibility to the parents and their kittens to provide exceptional care while attempting to optimize their chances of living a long and healthful life.  I do this by breeding clinically and genetically healthy cats.



studying and promoting healthful living for People and Felines alike.

I am Dr. Schar, owner of Indian Spring Cats, a naturalist who works in conjunction with the field of medicine.  I understand the importance of immunity support in both humans and cats.  I raise a number of plants and animals for study on the farm in an attempt help people live more healthful lives.  I expanded my studies to include Burmese cats and their need for improved health and vitality.  I am actively researching ways to improve the health of the breed using the science of natural medicine and the importation of the native Thai cat from which the Burmese originated. 

To read more about my farm, click on the link below.


There is no other breed of cat that consistently has the affectionate, people-oriented personality of the Burmese, Tonkinese, and Siamese.  

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Burmese cats are are cats that act like dogs.  Should you adopt one,  you will not be a cat owner but rather you will be owned by a cat. Unlike other cats, Burmese cats are not distant creatures! In fact, they are down right pushy when it comes to getting the love they crave. 

Burmese cats are very affectionate and attentive companions who demand your attention and love to be hugged. They fetch and come to their name.  They are the closest thing to a dog in the cat world but in our opinion, they are far better! They are the dog minus the walk! No midnight stroll in the freezing winter with a plastic bag in hand required when you are owned by one of these cats! 

Proper selection for breeding

My focus is on breeding the healthiest cats with the best personalities to ensure those traits are passed on to the next generation.  I do not breed related cats  nor do we breed to win competitions. 

I maintain a 10 acre farm outside Washington, DC which boasts a natural Indian Spring, hence the name.

Great Falls, Virginia

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