Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar

So when Estelle was busy raising her half Burmilla half Thai Burmese litter, Mister came to the barn for a visit. He was only there for a few hours and Estelle escaped into his area. I really did not think much about it because she was not in heat. Surprise. She managed to get pregnant with a small litter of 3 kittens. Two blue and and one sable. I found them in a huddle with Golda's babies. At first I thought I was seeing things and then I realized there were three little mice amongst the other kittens. I was afraid Golda's kittens would take all the milk, but very interestingly, Estelle figured that one out. When the older kittens leave the nest to play and wrestle, she hops in and feeds the kittens. They are doing great, and they are certainly warm sleeping between their older cousins! 

We call Golda the Crack Whore Mother for reasons I will explain. First of all, Golda always has one kitten. That does not get you renamed the Crack Whore Mother. That is just how many kittens she has. Its everything that happens after she has her one kitten that got her a nickname.  

 First, of all, she always has her single kitten with her where ever she is. If she and her sisters are hopping in and out of empty boxes, she has it in an empty box, and goes back to hopping around with her sisters.  Or she if she and her sisters are doing their jazzercise on the steps that go from the barn to the hay loft, she leaves it on one of the steps in the barn. She kind of treats her child like a handbag. and carries it where ever she goes. She and her sisters have a daily program which includes breakfast, fitness, sun bathing, napping, then dinner and an evening of hunting things they hear in the walls of the barn. Wherever they go, Golda's kitten goes. Like I said, she treats her kittens like a hand bag. 

But, the clever little cat always times her delivery date around the time when one of her sisters, Spot or Estelle, is having kittens. And when she sees her sisters feeding their kittens, she drops off her kitten with one of her sisters. Her attitude is, "since you are feeding yours, what is one more mouth to feed?"  Her two kittens have turned out great, despite having an very unconventional upbringing. 

Well, fate took an ugly turn for Golda. She had five kittens and at a time when neither of her sisters had kittens.  She had no choice but to take sole responsibility for their dining needs. Old habits die hard so she did try to drag all five kittens on her outings with her sister. But, I was afraid she would loose one because it was five kittens, not one kitten, so she had a period of enforced nesting. I zipped her up in a dog crate zip thing so she had no choice but to "nest" the kittens. There was a lot of complaining and then I put her sisters in with her during her "confinement". She was happier nesting with her sisters in attendance. Emphasis on ER. Happier. Not Happy. Eventually she settled down and left the kittens in the nest. 

I have to say, she has done a great job. However, she is now about to loose her mind. The kittens are in that running around phase and she is trying to keep track of them, put them back in the nest, etc. And they just won't listen to her. Wherever  she goes, they want to go.  They are running and climbing and poor Golda has no choice but to spend all her time keeping track of her children. As the pictures reveal, they are now in constant motion and she is really on full time duty. She has to manage not one kitten but FIVE. As the pictures reveal, they are little motion machines. She had two sables, two platinums, and 1 champagne.  

Never a dull moment around here! When I left for my recent trip to Thailand, I knew that Lucretia was pregnant. To my great surprise, I got a text while looking at cats in temples in Bangkok that she had given birth to 7 kittens. If you have not met Lucretia, this came as a big surprise as she is not a big cat. She is very Thai in that she is slim and sleek. I never imagined she would have so many kittens. 

I got home from Thailand to find Lucretia keeping up with feeding the 7 babies. But, I was worried. She might be a great mom but that is a lot of kittens for any cat. She was eating 12 cans of wet food a day plus supplements. There was a day when I decided she looked thin. Things happen quickly with cats so you have to be watching. I called my Vet consultant Oleg and said you need to come over and check out the situation. The kittens were 21 days old and were simply refusing to go near solid food. If they were eating, though young, that would have been a relief. At least Lucretia would not be their sole source of food. I literally sent Oleg a message when I noticed that Crystal, Lucretia's housemate, hop into the crate with the kittens and lay down and start nursing the kittens. 

Moms often co-nurse kittens if they have kittens at the same time but this was a first for me. Crystal has no kittens. She might be a few weeks pregnant, but, not even close to delivering kittens. She has no kittens. When Oleg arrived, he gave Crystal a rather undignified exam and determined that not only was she nursing the kittens, she was full of milk. So, she was really, really nursing the kittens. 

After that, I noticed that Lucretia would feed the kittens once a day, but otherwise, it was Crystal doing all the nursing. As you will see from the pictures, Crystal is in that nest box feeding the kittens like they are her own. Huge relief for me because Lucretia is gaining weight. Now the the two moms are eating 16 cans of wet food a day plus supplements plus dry food. The kittens are big bellied with milk and still refusing solid food. 

You will also notice in the pictures that the dad, Fat Baby, is very involved with the kittens. He grooms them and keeps an eye on them. They run all over him and he is extra-ordinarily patient with him. This is his first litter and he is doing a great job. 

On the color front, once again Lucretia has produced a kaleidoscope litter. From the casual observers perspective, it looks like she had 4 blue kittens and 3 sable kittenss. But, on closer inspection, in fact she had 2 Korats, 1 Supalak, 2 blue Burmese, and 2 Sable Burmese.  The main thing is they have Fat Babies fat baby personality, really laid back and easy going. They don't hoot and holler when you pick them up. They will make really nice cats. 

Estelle Sneaks 3 Kittens into Golda's Nest on June 9, 2018

Lucretia Has 7 on May 21, 2018

Golda's Worst Night Mare: 5 Kittens born on May 14, 2018 

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