Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar

These are some bad photographs but nobody was cooperating. Spots sisters were trying to get in the nest, Estelle's five kittens were trying to get into the nest, Prince was trying to get into the nest. One of the blue kittens dragged a brunch of crap into the nest. You can see the blue cousin trash depositor in the background. It was a freak show. But, the two kittens are accustomed to having their older cousins and aunts visit them. Indeed, both aunts nurse the kittens so they are going to be really fat little litter box kittens. 

The Shit Show: Spot and Her Two Kittens

15 May 2017

Well, here is a kitten update I just could not wait to publish. As everyone waiting for a kitten knows, this year has been a little rough in the kitten production department. Golda had one kitten, Inca had one kitten, Estelle had five kittens…. and Spot had no kittens. Well… that was until last week when she finally had two kittens. But the circumstances of their birth was quite something. 

I went out to the barn to hang out with Prince and the other five babies. Nothing unusual in this part of the story. Spot, Golda, and Estelle were sitting in their sun spot with Prince, as they do, and I greeted them all. I visited with the other babies, put food out, and was getting ready to leave the barn. Out of the corner of my eye, and I do mean the corner of my eye, as I walked past one of the litter boxes, I saw a turd move. We all know turds do not move and I stopped in my tracks. I looked carefully and I realized it was not a turd, it was a kitten. Spot had finally had kittens, two of them, and had buried them in the litter box. So, I had to rifle through the litter box, retrieve the cold and blue kittens, clean them under warm running water, and then begin kitten CPR. To my shock, I revived them both. A big sable and a very small blue. How they were alive is beyond me. 

I grabbed Spot and introduced her to her kittens, and she was like, Oh Hello, you must be my children. She started licking them and they began to nurse and it became a Hallmark moment. But….. lets not loose sight of the important fact. I HAD TO RETRIEVE KITTENS OUT OF A LITTER BOX WITH MY OWN HANDS AND WASH THE LITTER OFF. The kittens looked like powder doughnuts but it was not powdered sugar clinging to them. I was so grossed out I could barely stand it. I had to shower and shower. 

Most of my kitten buyers are great and appreciate the fact I provide them with pets. And, I appreciate them for buying my kittens. But I am not sure they know how much work goes into producing kittens, and or all the screwed up moments lead to kittens being made available. Let us revisit the above mentioned moment when I found myself picking gross cat litter off cold newborns and scrambling for scissors to detach the kitten from the placenta and umbilical cord and then doing kitty CPR. Nasty, nasty, nasty.  I love what I do, but, it has its moments I would happily forget if I could. 

Anyhow, two more kittens are alive and well and will be available in three months time. 

Once again, to all the people patiently waiting for a kitten, I am doing what I can to make that kitten available. Thank you for waiting. If you grow impatient, just picture ME and cold kittens…. and cat litter…. and know that I am doing what I can. And then some. Oh… I don't think Spots kittens are emotionally damaged from being buried alive in a litter box by their mother… but they are a little young at the moment. 


 Estelle's Burmese Kittens Born 4/15/2017 

From Turdlette to Fat Baby 

From my earlier post, everyone knows that Spot buried her kittens in the litter box. Frankly, I was not certain they would make it. It was a rough start to life. Well, in the ongoing saga called running a cattery, not only did they make it, but, for reasons that allude me, all three sisters decided to feed the grey baby boy in the turd-lette litter. Spot fed her little brown turd-lette daughter, but all three sisters decided the little blue boy was in need of a little meal. As a consequence, he ballooned into the fattest kitten I have ever seen. To make matters worse, he has oddly short legs. So, on top of being super fat, he is low to the ground. So low to the ground you could mistake him for an obese hamster. As you will see from his video below, he may have some weight issues as an adult. 

But when I say he is low to the ground, his brown sister, pointy girl, named on account of the fact she has a very pointy ears, is like an inch taller than him. I started thinking maybe he is a wee-cat. But, it was just a passing thought. Dwarfism is a thing in cats, but, I dont have that mutation in my cats and the possibility was like zero. Anyhow, the house call vet stopped by and I had him look at Fat Baby, jokingly saying I think he might be a dwarf. The vet checked him out and said, yes... it is possible! But, he is only a month old and he may grow out of it. I will add that his great grandmother Carmela, one of my house cats, has freakishly short legs. So, the jury is out on this one. 

Never a dull moment. In the meantime, have a look at his fat-ness. It is truly astonishing! 

Big Fat Golda and Her Single Burmese Kitten Baby 

This has been the year of my cats faking me out. Golda, one of the three sister team, became enormously fat and was dragging this huge belly around with her. So fat that I expected her to have quite a large litter. Well, two weeks ago I found Golda, fat as usual, sitting in the sun with her sisters. While petting them I heard a squeak coming from somewhere. I looked around and in an empty box found a single kitten…  Golda's had a kitten. I spent the rest of the day waiting for the other kittens and they never came. Golda had a single kitten. Toly named him Prince and below you can see him hanging out with his mom. For some reason, Golda treats Prince like a hand bag and carries him where ever she goes. If she and her sisters are having breakfast, he gets dragged to breakfast. If its time for they sunbath, he gets to go sunbathing. If they are doing their Zumba fitness program, she drops him by near their exercise zone. All three sisters take care of him, and his cousin, Tank, the six month old son of Estelle, also grooms him and keeps an eye on him. He may not have siblings, but, he has lots of social interaction. Or he may just be twisted. Standard kitten life usually includes being in a nest for the first month. In any case, for those of you on the waiting list, Im afraid the wait will continue. But, three other girls are pregnant and should be having babies soon! 

The Litter  Box Babies : Burmese Kittens Born in a Litter Box 

Estelle had five kittens this week, and it appears like three sables and two blues! You will see the kittens are sleeping with their three week old cousin, Big Fat Golda's only child Big Fat Prince. Golda decided to drop him off with her sister so they could share child care. My concern is Golda and may have just dumped her kid off with her sister with no intention of coming back to look after him. The good news is that Prince has siblings to hang out with its not easy being an only kitten.  But, finally a big litter with lots of  kittens! The dad was Mister so these will be some of the most laid back kittens known to mankind! 

Kitten Report 15 August 2017

For all of you waiting for a kitten, I apologize for the wait. This year the cats have just not been in a productive mood! Five girls had one kitten and some had none. However, I am pleased to report, it looks like 7 of the girls are now officially pregnant. As happens when you work with nature, or it works with you, when it rains, it pours. I am thinking all the babies will come in September and October. This is completely not ideal because it means a lot of late nights watching expecting mothers. But, they have kittens when they decide to have kittens and it seems like this fall is going to be a kitty-paloosa. Expecting moms include Lilac, Violet, Spot, Golda, Estelle, Karma, and Haley. 

Ban-Jee and her daughter Lucretia do not seem to be having any kittens. Well, not as far as I can tell. And there is a cat scandal involved here. Ban-jee was in heat so I dropped off Mister at Ban-Jee's deluxe garden apartment. When I came back later in the day I found that there was cat sexy time going on.... but it was all kinds of cat wrong. In an effort to maintain my family friendly tone, I will just say that Ban-Jee was trying to impregnate Mister. Poor Mister looked completely humiliated and has not made eye contact since the event. This dereliction of duty may explain why Ban-Jee has not had kittens this year. And it has to be said, Mister is so mellow he barely has a pulse. So, I decided that Ban-Jee out manned Mister. Thus, I introduced her to Bastain, who is all man. And I am not talking about a 2017 man, I am talking about a 1980's man. Well, Ban-Jee just went Bat Shit. And not in a good way.  I could not tell who she wanted to kill more,  Me or Bastain, or both.  I quickly opened up her travel space ship(AKA cat carrier) and she bid a hasty retreat. I really dont know what to do with her. She has had two litters previously and now I wonder if she is finished with that phase of her life.

So, you see, there is a lot of personality management in the cat breeding game. Fortunately my cats live in family groups and they get along with their family members just fine. But, when it comes to matters of the heart, things can get weird. 

On the other hand, I remember a professor of mine telling me the story of a purebred dog his family had. They tried to breed her and she refused. She was eventually artificially inseminated and became pregnant. When she went into labor it turned out she had a incompetent uterus and ended up with a life saving emergency cesarian section. She knew best when she did not breed! Though it means people have to wait for kittens, I go with nature. Im sure I could give Ban-Jee hormones but perhaps she was not meant to have any more kittens. 

Who knows. Time will tell. But, I am doing my utmost to get kittens to people waiting for kittens... and hopefully this fall I will be swimming in kittens and wishing for the days of the kitten draught! 



Burmese Kittens: Recent Litters