Estelle's Litter of Burmilla Kittens 

I bred Estelle to the Burmilla Boy Iggy Pop and she had four Burmilla kittens.

For those of you that do not know, the Burmilla breed came into existence as a result of a chance mating between a Burmese girl and a Chinchilla Persian Male. This happy accident led to the development of a whole new and beautiful type of "Burmese" cat. A Chinchilla Persian carries the silver gene and this was added onto all the color varieties already found in the Burmese breed. In short, this cross resulted in a whole new and long list of color outcomes. The personality remains the same. It may be a slightly glamorized Burmese, but they are still dog cats with an insatiable desire for affection.

Burmese cats arise as a result of 4 distinct coat color coding genes. The Burmilla has those four plus and additional three. If Burmese cats come in four colors.... multiply that times a factor of 3.... and you get an idea of the wide variation in color found in the Burmilla. 

As I always say, my objective is to create cats that have the best personalities carried around by the healthiest bodies. One of the appeals of working with some Burmilla's was it gave me the opportunity to create another line of genetically diverse cats alongside my current line of healthy Burmese. When you see Estelle's litter, you will see what genetic diversity looks like. I will always hold that a genetically diverse cat is going to be healthier than an inbred cat. Perhaps its my medical training but its a thought I cannot shake. Burmilla's are genetically diverse. One of the key figures and pioneers in the American Burmilla world, Keith Kimberlin, smartly and shrewdly made certain that Burmilla breed could always be outcrossed back to Burmese or Chinchilla Persian cats. This is a breed that will survive because forever more new genetics can be introduced to the breed. Vey smart planning on the part of a smart cat breeder. 

Blah, blah, blah.... I like the Burmilla colors and the dog like pet services they provide... so I am working with some Burmilla's. And without further adieu, here are Estelle's Burmilla kittens. 

Violet Delivered the Goods 

Violet is a little tiny blue eyed blue girl and I do mean tiny. She is super healthy and active but just petit. To my great surprise, she and Mister had six kittens, two blues and four platinums. That is a lot of kittens for such a small cat to have, but, even more surprising, has been her ability to keep them all fed and fat. Its not easy to feed six kittens and she has managed it without loosing any weight or getting worn out.

Sometimes I wonder about importing cats from Thailand to increase the health of my cats, as in...... was it worth all the work, hassle, etc. But then I have a cat with Thai genetics like Violet, have a big litter and excellent mothering ability,  its clear it was indeed worth it. Her kittens are all super healthy, no colds or complaints. Just happy little scooter cars zipping around and driving their mother crazy. Violet lives with Lilac and I will add that though Lilac has not managed to get pregnant, she is an excellent aunt. She follows the little micro-cats around and screams at them if she thinks they are going too far from home base. 

The kittens are eating solid food now. And, peculiarly, they will only eat fish pate like cat foods. Any can that has fish in the title drives them crazy. I fill up the plate, and as you will see in the photos, they eat it gone in a matter of minutes.

I often think that people have no idea what goes into running a cattery, from conception to ready to go to their new home. Why would they? If you have not looked after mothers and kittens, you would not know. Well, there is this kitten stage where the kittens drag everything everywhere at all times. Its a non-stop detritus delivery program. At the moment, Violet's kittens are in the super sloppy phase. There is food on all the carpets, on the furniture, on their heating pad.... and let us not forget what fun it is to spread cat litter far and wide. So, I will spend the next two weeks cleaning up after them and then cleaning up after them some more. 

Kitten Update 10 March 2018 

Good news for all the patient kitten wait listers. The kitten draught is over. FINALLY. I have had two good sized litters so far this year and I have at least four cats that are pregnant. So, with any luck, this will be the year of kittens and the end of waiting. Once again, thanks for all your patience. At the end of the day, I work with nature, which means I wait on nature, and the cats have kittens when the cats have kittens. 

Burmese Kittens: Recent Litters 

Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar

What Color Will They Be??????????????

Who knows! The silver gene can turn varying amounts of the hair follicle white. In this litter, one kitten is almost entirely white, much like his father Iggy Pop. The other kittens have less white on the hair follicle, in fact, they are white at the base of the hair follicle, which makes them something known as smoke. As their hair grows out, I will have a better idea of what they will look like as adults. Both parents have stunning eyes so I am certain they will have enchanting eye color. One thing is for sure.... they have the characteristic people friendly personality we all want. When I go into their house, they come running out of their nest to be picked up and rubbed. Iggy is a big cat so these kittens are likely to be bigger than my usual Burmese.