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Dr. Douglas Schar

Fleur became a teen mom last night. Or I should say yesterday because I was sitting with her from 1 pm and until 11 pm waiting for her to have all her kittens, the last of which arrived at 11 pm. Five beautiful babies. 

Fleur is about a year old and her pregnancy was kind of a surprise. Well, not a huge surprise but kind of a surprise. She lives with Mr. Patel, Big Head, and Azulina. They live in the teenager house and this group of cats are extremely immature.  None of them were showing any signs of reproductive maturity. The boys just layed around, playing like kittens, the girls never went into heat, etc. Sometimes the girls go into heat at six months so I was rather enjoying their ineptitude. They love each other and have a great time running and climbing in their outdoor enclosure. About a month ago Fleur starting getting a little chunky monkey and I suspected she might be pregnant. A week later I was convinced she was pregnant. But, like one kitten pregnant. As the boys are utterly kitten like, I had no idea who the father was.

Once I was certain she was pregnant, I had to face the sad facts. Fleur was a teen mom with an unknown baby daddy. 

There was great excitement amongst her pals when she went into labor. They all wanted to sit with her and lick her. They did eventually get bored and took off to play in their outdoor enclosure. First litters are always a bit tricky because the girl does not know whats going on. If you are not around to supervise, things can go seriously amuck.  

Those that follow the drama here may recall that last year when Spot went into labor, she thought she had to poop and gave birth to fat baby in the litter box and buried him in litter gravel. I happened to walk past the litter box and saw a poop moving, which poops don't do,  and he was rescued. To avoid another litter box rescue, I sat with Fleur all day..... Fat Baby looked like a powdered doughnut except the powder was not sugar. 

Anyhow, Fleur did a great job. And, the Baby Daddy was revealed. 



Fleur The Teen Mom 

Thai Burmese-Burmilla Hybrids 

All the kittens favor Big Head's Thai Burmese-Burmilla hybrid coloration so we know who the father was.

Big Head got his name because he has the biggest head in the world. At first I was worried he might have a cranial defect but after some tests, it turns out he just has a big head. He is the nicest cat in the world, not a rocket scientist, but sweet as he can be. Fleur is super sweet so these kittens should be the fantastic. Big Head and Fleur both have the stunning Thai eyes and I am hopeful the kittens will get them. 

Fleur the Teen Mom and Her Growing Babies 

So, fleur, despite being a teen mom, has turned out to be a sensational mother. Her kittens are fat and happy and stunning. In the photos below you will see their dad, Big Head, and their moms best friend, Azulina, taking care of the babies. Fleur was sitting the the sun and leaving kid duty to the dad and to her bestie. Fleur is one of my Thai hybrid Burmese and Big Head is a Burmilla. This will sound like gobly gook to you, but, fleur and big head are genetically identical in the Burmese department. The only difference is that Big Head carries two additional genes, the agouti gene and the silver gene. So, the kittens are Burmese colors with some added color genetics. The main thing is Big Head is one of the nicest cats I have ever had, and Fleur is just as good. So these kittens will be beautiful and have great, great personalities. 


Due to the limitations of the web site building tool I use, I had to set up the kitten updates in a less than ideal manner. What you will find below is the latest litter update.  You can see the latest kittens, and it gives you an idea of what you will find in the older kitten updates stacked below.  To see earlier litter updates, just click on the buttons. Sorry for the weirdness, but, its the only way I could figure out how to keep the older updates and not have viewers scrolling down for a million years. Ok, here are the latest litter updates. 

Another Burmese-Burmilla litter

Two weeks after Fleur had her litter, another Burmilla-Thai hybrid Burmese litter was born. The mom is a burmilla and the dad is the infamous Mister. Mom is a little neurotic and is inclined to yell at me. Not in a mean way, just in an ultra demanding way. She sees me and she starts screaming to be picked up. I decided to breed her to Mister, who barely has a pulse, to create kittens that were a little less intense. It worked and the kittens are lovely. They are just teeny at the moment, but, it looks like there are three girls and two boys. It will take a little time to see what color they are. But, like the earlier litter, they will be Burmese colors, with some added colors! 

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