Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur 

5-14-2018 Golda's Worst Night Mare

We call Golda, "Golda the Crack Whore Mother" for reasons I will explain. First of all, Golda always has one kitten. That does not get you renamed the Crack Whore Mother. That is just how many kittens she usually has. She gets her nickname because of what happens after she has her one kitten.   

First of all, she lives with her two sisters. And, the clever little cat always times her delivery date around the time when one of her sisters, Spot or Estelle, is having kittens. Always after her sisters have had kittens. And when she sees her sisters feeding their kittens, she drops off her kitten with one of her sisters to be nursed. Her attitude is, "since you are feeding yours, what is one more mouth to feed?"  She just drops those babies off and keeps on going with her day. 

Secondly, apart from feeding time,  she always has her single kitten with her where ever she is. If she and her sisters are hopping in and out of empty boxes, she drops it in an empty box, and goes back to hopping around with her sisters.  If she and her sisters are doing their jazzercise on the steps that go from the barn to the hay loft, she leaves it on one of the steps in the barn. She and her sisters have a daily program which includes breakfast, fitness, sun bathing, napping, then dinner and an evening of hunting things they hear in the walls of the barn. Wherever they go, Golda's kitten goes.  She kind of treats her child like a handbag. and carries it where ever she goes. Normal moms leave their kittens in a nest. Not Golda. 

 Oddly, her prior two kittens turned out great, despite having an very unconventional upbringing. 

Well, fate took an ugly turn for Golda. She had five kittens and, wait for it..... at a time when neither of her sisters had kittens.  She had no choice but to take sole responsibility for their dining needs. Old habits die hard so she did try to drag all five kittens on her outings with her sisters. But, I was afraid she would loose one because it was five kittens, not one kitten, so she had a period of enforced nesting. I zipped her up in a dog crate zip thing so she had no choice but to "nest" the kittens. There was a lot of complaining and then I put her sisters in the crate with her during her "confinement". She was happier nesting her kittens with her sisters in attendance. Emphasis on ER. Happier. Not Happy. Eventually she settled down and left the kittens in the nest. 

I have to say, she has done a great job. However, she is now about to loose her mind. The kittens are in that running around phase and she is trying to keep track of them, put them back in the nest, etc. And they just won't listen to her. Wherever  she goes, they want to go.  They are running and climbing and poor Golda has no choice but to spend all her time keeping track of her children. As the pictures reveal, they are now in constant motion and she is really on full time duty. She has to manage not one kitten but FIVE. As the pictures reveal, they are little motion machines. She had two sables, two platinums, and 1 champagne. Stunning with great personalities. I am keeping the little champagne girl. Golda and her sisters will have a new member of the family troupe. 

Golda's Huge Family None of Whom Listen to Her