Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur 

Lucien's Thai Burmese x Burmilla Litter 

As some of you know, I have been working with Burmilla's to produce a Burmilla-Thai Burmese hybrid.  Recently, Lucien, daughter of Estelle and mister, had a hybrid litter. The Burmilla, in its silver form, is a stunning cat. Some of the kittens were born with the silver coat. However, these hybrid matings also produce golden-brown tabbies that are equally lovely. In Thailand, you see cats that carry both tabby and Siamese-Tonkinese-Burmese genes. The non-silver kittens in this litter look much like cats of this mix that I saw in Thailand.  They have the characteristic dog like personality you expect from the Burmese. What I like about this mix is it is genetically diverse. You don't have to worry about the inbreeding related disease with these cats.