Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur 

 Diva is a pure Thai cat that carries the Bangkok gene. She is the sister of Lilac. When I brought Diva home I was warned that she didn't like people or cats.  But, I didn't realize she was like a scary feral cat that would rip you to shreds if you got near her. So, I moved her into a indoor outdoor space where she could be as wild as she wanted to be. It bought me some time to figure out what to do with her. She is not my usual purr machine cat and how do you find a home for a cat that comes with a "might attack" if cornered warning. What to do with her once I got her became something to think about.  But, I always talk to her when I bring her food  and she talks back. I say hello Diva and she says meow. That is as warm and fuzzy as it gets. She is scary enough that breeding her was out of the question for fear she could bite the boy. Or give birth to kittens that act like her.

So, while I was in Thailand, it seems my helper got confused and let Othello into her very large quarters at night. Why, I will never know. It makes me never want to leave home. 

When I got back from Thailand and discovered that Othello had been hanging out with Diva I was relieved she didn't kill him. But concerned she might be pregnant. So, lo and behold, Diva had kittens this week. Three of them. As you can see, I had to photograph them from a distance because if Diva is capable of attacking on a normal day, with a litter of kittens, she is even more likely to do some damage. The babies are kind of pinky colored so they are likely to be Bangkok cats. The dad is a dream, the mom is a nightmare, and who knows what the kittens will be. I am planning on abducting them at an early age. Perhaps they can be socialized into nice cats. Or, I might find myself looking for barn cat positions. Only time will tell. Of course her sister, who is super pleasant, is barren like the Sahara desert! 

​Diva Drama Part One