Mister and Violettes 9 Kittens! 


Violette and Othello had some special time together while I was in Thailand, and, I was expecting kittens any day. And they arrived. But, nothing goes smoothly around here. I had a big oral surgery yesterday and came home with ice packs and a pain killers. With very specific instructions do not bend down or get too hot. Well, I arrived home from the dentist to find Violette giving birth and ended up spending two hours in the heat bent over. My face swelled like a balloon. The good news, sort of, is that she had 9 kittens. That came as a total shock. It sounds like good news if she can feed that many. If she cant, which is entirely possible, I will have to feed with a bottle. Sadly, her room mate does not have kittens. If she did, she could help with the nursing. 9 is a lot of kittens. Then to make things complicated, Violette decided to take the kittens camping last night. I had to bring them back to their bed early this morning. Type your paragraph here.

Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur