Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur 

I will preface this update with a disclaimer. I just got reamed out by a cat buyer who wasn't getting what THEY wanted and responded to the bad news via a super nasty email. 

Hey lady, welcome to my world. See how often I get what I want? People have no idea what I go through keeping these cats alive and well and how often things don't go my way. 

Todays update is a prime example of the shit show that is my life. 

Here would be what I didn't want but got today. Diva, as described below, is a bit of a problem cat. Well, she just took it to a new level. I went out to feed her and found her kittens missing. After searching a space that had appeared to have no hiding places, I discovered she had discovered one. A teeny weeny crawl space I had never noticed because only a serpent like cat could get through it.  I stuck my head into the crack and was immediately swarmed and stung by a hoard of angry wasps. So, Diva hid the kittens in a crawl space guarded by a HUGE wasp nest. As long as the kittens were relatively still, they would be left alone. But, once they started moving, the wasps would sting them to death. So, they had to be moved. But how? If I got to close to the crawl space, I would be stung again and the kittens could have been stung just being in the vicinity. Nightmare. 

Finally I hatched a plan. We scared Diva from the outside of her house to get her to move the kittens. Once she moved them, we suited up and spayed the wasp nest. Once they were mostly dead, my carpenter covered over the sliver like entrance to the crawl space. Kittens saved, Diva saved, Doug stung. What should have been a 3 minute feeding procedure took four hours, with a trip to Home Depot to get geyser like wasp killer. And this is how it goes when you breed cats. Things happen. When you breed smart cats a lot of things happen all the time. It is non-stop things not going to plan. There is a term,  "herding cats", and it really applies to what I do. 

Side Bar 

I started this update by saying I was disturbed by a kitten buyers nastiness. To the adult woman that recently had a five year old fit because she didn't get the cat she wanted.... get help. Where ever you are, I hope you help. Dealing with not getting what you want without throwing things is something most of us master before leaving  kindergarten. 

All that to say, when you pick up a kitten, you really do not have any idea what went into making that pick up possible. I am not complaining. I like what I do. I just do not like when people act like the kittens magically pop out of a microwave and hold me accountable for vagaries of nature. 

7-26-2018 Diva Drama Part Two