Diva Drama Part Three: Sad Story 

Diva, due to her personality issues, lives in an fabulous space, two indoor houses, a 20 foot by 20 foot yard with climbing equipment and more. All the cats houses were designed by me to give the cats indoor and fake outdoor space. I say fake outdoor because these outdoor spaces are hermetically sealed;  the "ground" is concrete;  the walls are wire mesh and then green house polycarbonate on top of that; and the "sky" is covered with both metal chicken wire and plastic netting. This way nothing can get in and nothing can get out. But the cats can go sit in the sun and climb on rafters and beams and imported tree trunks. Its fake nature but at least they get the wind, air, rain, and the occasional lizzard to hunt. 

First there was the wasp drama. Then what comes next is super sad. I went out to Diva's house to find some serious sadness. It seems we now have Mink living in the area and one chewed into her house and killed two of her three beautiful babies. We had to catch her and check her for any bites and she is now under observation. It was utterly inconceivable that anything could get into one of their houses, let alone, attack a littler of kittens. I was totally freaked out. But, what to do with the surviving kitten? She is only 20 days old. She could not go back with her mom because the mom could have been bitten in the attack. 

Barn sisters to the rescue. I brought the little baby into Golda, Spot, and Estelle barn and just put her on the ground. They just picked up the baby and took it to their kitten nest. All three sisters began grooming the baby and Estelle dropped down and feed her. They did not miss a beat. In fact, Spot, who is pregnant but has no kittens, began lactating and seems to have taken lead on keeping the kitten fed. There are 10 week old kittens(Golda's) and six week old kittens(Estelles) and they are playing and sleeping with the baby. These three sisters are just the all time best mothers of all mothers. I could have been stuck bottle feeding this baby. They just grabbed her and took her in! 

Poor Diva lost two of her babies and survived a mink attack. I feel terrible for her because she is not the most emotionally balanced cat in the world. But, she was a great mom and took really good care of her kittens. So.... all outdoor activities for all cats have been cancelled until I get to the bottom of this mink story. Its not easy dealing with nature. Sometimes its really really sad. 


Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur