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Dr. Schar
I have been a student of nature my entire life. I have worked with plants and animals for five decades now. Eak. I can't believe Im that old. Anyhow, at my core, I believe nature knows best.  I have always thought this and, this belief led me to study health. I studied how the body keeps itself well and what people could do to stay well.  Indeed, I am an expert in the rather unknown field of Valeology. Valeology is the study of health and includes  identifying what causes a body to have and to maintain a strong health and what natural products can be the used to support these intrinsic mechanisms.  Valerogens, substances that cause health are my medical specialty. 

When I decided to breed Burmese cats, and I discovered the breed had become inbred. Inbreeding was threatening the health of the Burmese breed. The breed was created with Siamese, Tonkinese, and Burmese cats imported from Thailand almost 100 years ago.  Getting a cat from Thailand, for a long time, was very difficult. So, American breeders worked with what they had available, and kept the breed going. Inbreeding was inevitable and there really was not much an American breeder could do. 

However, times have changed, and now, with air travel, we can import cats from Thailand. We can bring in cats that can rejuvenate the Burmese breed.Not only was new blood available from Thailand, I quickly discovered that Thai cats were super healthy cats. Thai Burmese were super healthy cats because they had to be. They had to be healthy to survive a really harsh environment in which they live! Let's just say Thailand is not a cushy place for most cats. n Spring Cats Burmese Siamese Tonkinese Cats . 

Burmese cats, imported from Thailand, provide the breed with the boost of vitality it needs. Its the natural solution to the problems facing the breed. And, being a student of nature, that appeals to me.