Siamese Cats and Me! 

When you import cats from Thailand, they come in one of three colors, Burmese, Tonkinese, or Siamese. So, I have had my share of Siamese cats come from Thailand. Initially my plan was just to use them to improve my Burmese line, but, that has changed over the years. And even more so in recent days. 

I just had a note from a woman who was looking for a Siamese. I have them because with my imports, they are born in my litters. Her cat had died some years ago and she missed his company, which included following her wherever she went, riding on her shoulder, and living as her permanent shadow. Her description of her cat took me back to my first Siamese cat. 

I have told this story before, but, as a child we had a Seal Point Siamese named Niko. He followed me around, went out to the garden with me, came back inside with me, etc. Anyhow, We moved about 20 miles away and he took off with all the commotion of the movers. Never to be found. Sadly, we moved minus Niko. Two years later, at our new house, my mother opened the door to get the paper, and in walked Niko. He had worked his away across Dayton, Ohio, and found us. Pretty remarkable. 

He was followed by Bernice Johnson and Rhoda Gottlieb, two seals I got while I was in college. They lived to be 27 and 29. They ate Purina Red Stars that came out of a cereal box. That would be something only persons born before 1980 would remember. There was Purina cat food in a cereal box for cats. For dogs there was canned Alpo, in beef, turkey, and horse flavors. Suffice it to say, Bernice and Rhoda at GRAIN FULL food and went to the vet to spayed and that was their last visit. Bernice was my dog cat. Rhoda was really her friend. But, Bernice would walk to the market with me when I lived in SoHo in New York, never leaving my side or side tracked by the city noise. 

And this reminds me of the stories of Siamese cats when they first came from Thailand in the Victorian age. I read a great story in an old cat book about a Siamese cat that an aristocrat would take to the Riviera in the winter season. The cat would come find her at her favorite dining spots. 

All of this comes to mind because I currently have this Siamese stud named DOG. Well, you can imagine how he got his name. He acts just like a dog. He follows me around. Rides on my shoulder, and in general is the nicest cat in the world. Life, fate, whatever you want to call it is too weird. I had scheduled Dog to be neutered on a Saturday. However, the week that proceeded the saturday, I got 9 kitten deposits from people requested Siamese kittens. I had to cancel Dog’s appointment with destiny as I need him around to make more Siamese kittens. 

And this got me thinking. There are probably people out there that want and old style Siamese. One that is the ultimate companion with good strong health. There was a time before apple heads, and contemporaries, and TICA Thai, when Siamese were just great cats that lived a freakishly long time. This kitten buyers description of her cat reminded me of what “Siamese” cats once were. And, that combined with 9 kitten requests for Siamese kittens, has made me decide to have a separate Siamese breeding program. 

They pop up in my litters because I import cats from Thailand, and, the Siamese gene is there. But, that is different than making a concerted effort to make Siamese. And more specifically, Siamese as they once were. 

So, if you are looking for a Siamese cat, you have found an option. But, I am warning you in advance, I am talking about Retro-Siamese. Not Old Style, I am talking from the HOMELAND Siamese. If you were alive in the 1970’s, you would say, oh, they look like Siamese in the 1970’s, but more importantly, they act and live like Siamese from the 1970’s. They have white spots, some have tail kinks, they have blue eyes that range from Lilac to deep blue. Some have angular faces, some have round faces, some are big, and some are small. But, they are all 100% Thai imported Siamese cats. 

As with the American Burmese breed, the American Siamese breed has become an unhealthfully inbred breed of cats. They have soft teeth that rot when they are five, are cancer factories, and worse, they can be kind of crazy. They have lost, in my experience, that fabulous dog like Personality. Breaking news. Breeding mother to son for 100 years does not create a sane cat. Or a healthy cat. My experience with cats show that when given a choice, they do not practice incest. So, I really do not believe in forcing them to inbreed. But, I also have no problem spending the money to import as many cats from Thailand as I have to import to avoid inbreeding. 

So, all that to say, I am producing Siamese cats…. With cats from SIAM…. And they are as retro as you can get. If you had a Siamese before 1980, you know what I am talking about. Both in terms of look, health, and personality. If you were not alive yet, I dont know what to tell you. They are a cat that caught the eye of humanity the minute they arrived in the west. The personality was so captivating, once you had one, you had to have another. 

If I hadn’t gotten 9 deposits for Siamese kittens, the week before I neutered Dog, this whole new program would not have come into being. And I have to say, Cat Cary, my assistant and I, agonized over whether to get Dog neutered. He is positively one of the best cats we have. So smart and so gentle and kind. His only draw back was he sired Siamese kittens. But fate intervened, showed me people were interested in old style Siamese, and a new project is born. 

The plus side is they kitten will come from unrelated parents directly imported from Thailand. They will not have a drop of American Siamese in their body. You won’t have to worry about the long list of diseases that affect American Siamese…. because… they are not American Siamese! 

Check out the photo array below, and you can see the kind of Siamese cats I have to offer!