Some breeders put a lot of stock into inbreeding co-efficients produced by inbreeding calculators. I think they are a waste of time. When someone says their cats have zero inbreeding co-efficient, you need to ask a few questions. 

Me and the cats live on a 10 acre eco farm just outside Washington, DC. If you want to see where we live, and what else we do, check out the site. 

I have another site that focuses on the entire spectrum of Thai cats. Burmese cats, in Thailand, are just one color in a larger breed that includes Siamese, Tonkinese, Korats, Suphalaks, and more. If you want to learn more about Thai cats in general, have a look. 

I have been working on improving the Burmese breed for sometime now, like 11 years, and I have learned a lot. This is an article on my findings and thoughts after spending a lot of time working with the breed. 

Want to see what the forbears of your Burmese cats look like? Click here to see all the cats you find in Thailand that contributed to our breed. 

Thai Cats, be they Burmese, Siamese, or Tonkinese, all spring from a genetic mutation that popped up in Thailand long ago. To read my article about Thai cat genetics, click here. 

I never really planned on breeding Siamese cats, but, as they were born in my litters from the Thai cats, I began to really appreciate the beauty of these cats. So, I am now intentionally breeding them. Read on if you would like a Siamese cat from Thailand.

When the Burmese breed was determined to be the most inbred cat of all purebred cats, and the health of the breed was hitting a crisis, I decided to do something about it. Read on if you want to know more. 

As a result of importing cats from Thailand, my research group identified a whole new coat color gene in Thai cats. Well, we very accidentally identified a new coat color gene that had not been identified previously. If you want to see some crazy colored Thai cats, click here!  

Though I know there is a war on the truth going on right now, and its super popular to ignore experts. Not me. If I need brain surgery, Im going to a brain surgeon. Here is letter from the foremost cat geneticist laying out the problem with the Burmese breed. If you think I am making this up, read on. 

It all started rather simply, I wanted to breed Burmese cats. Little did I know that it would turn into a whole safari with twists and turns. This is a brief article on where I started and where I have ended up. 

We recently had the most incredible adventure in Thailand, observing, studying, and learning about Thai cats in their native home. If you would like to see where Burmese cats came from and learn a bit about cats in Thailand, check this article out! 

Burmese cats were imported from the Malay Peninsula almost 100 years ago. They were apart of a natural breed of cat Native to Thailand. They existed in Thailand for thousands of years as a healthy breed. This article details how natural breeds of cats should be bred can be preserved  outside their native homes. 

By training and trade, I am a researcher, a creator, and a writer. And what this looks like practically is that I study something, work with that something, and then I write about it. In this case, I have studied Thai cats, I have bred Thai cats, and I write articles about what I have discovered regarding Thai cats. 

So, in this section you will find articles that have resulted from my work with Thai cats. Perhaps too much information for someone just looking for a most excellent pet, but, definitely stuff that people breeding Thai cats might find interesting. 

My first "Thai" cat was a Siamese named Niko. He arrived on the scene when I was three. Its been 50 years of living with these cats and I have more than one story to tell. If you want to compare notes, have a read. 

In the age of the smart phone, why have a dumb cat? I believe Thai cats are the smartest cats around, and, their intelligence and capacity to love almost makes them human. They are truly big brained cats! Click here to read more.