One of the colors that can be found in Thailand is

black, known as a Konja, this cat is most unlike other cats.

It is the deepest black you have ever seen, and, the hair so

super short and shiny its like looking at black glass.

Ban-Jee is an action cat, running and jumping, and

pulling all kinds of ballerina like moves whenever she

has an audience. But, once she finishes performing,

she likes to hug and kiss and fall asleep in your arms.

Though solid black, she is capable of having all color

of kittens. 


Lilac is a wiggle worm so do not expect any great photos of her. She is on the move all the time. Lilac is one of the cats from Thailand that has blown up the cat genetic world. She tests out as a black cat, but, as you can see, she is not black. It is likely that her color is coded by a gene as of yet discovered. This peculiarity first popped up in cats I imported from Thailand and I have been studying the gene ever since. Lilac is smart and fun and active. She acts a little desperate at times, as if she has not had a good pet in decades, but, pushiness is a plus in a pet. 

Violet and Her daughter Blue Girl 

Where to even start. I call these two girls the pork- lets because they are short and fat. In addition, they have the thickest most plush fur you have ever touched. They really are like two teddy bears. And, they are so similar they are hard to tell apart. One is called Bug Eyes because as a child she had freakishly big eyes. She has grown into them. The other is called Gwena-sneeze because when she rolls around in the dust she sneezes in the loudest possible cat sneeze. 

They do not look as pudgy as they are in these photographs. I will have to do a better job capturing their plushness. 

The really odd part of this story is, as identical as they are, they have unrelated mothers and fathers. Bug Eyes dad Othello and Gwena-sneeze dad is Mister. Totally unrelated and yet I have to look hart to see which is which. 

This is a case of super weird genetic re-combination. Not just because they are identical. In the first instance, both of their parents are tall and slender. These two are chunks. In the second instance, all parents have super short Thai cat coat. These two have coats like a super soft mink. These traits popped up and are clearly a flash back to earlier American Burmese days. 

Fat Baby got his name because he was the most ridiculously fat kitten. His mother is Spot and his father is Mister. Fat Baby is one of the nicest cats I have ever had. He is very much like his father in that nothing bothers him, he is cool as a cucumber, and has past the three year old test. Namely that a three year can pick him up and carry him around like a baby doll and he just enjoys the ride. 

By the way, Fat Baby is blue. He is a really light blue but indeed he is blue. Its had to tell from his glamor shots but he is blue! 

Golda is one pushy cat. She had to be trained not to jump up on peoples' legs! She just loves people and cannot get enough of them and it took a little work for her to learn they were not there for her pleasure. She follows me where ever I go and has no problem ramming a door if it is between me and her. Whenever a new person comes over, she jumps on their lap and introduces herself. She is half Thai and half American Burmese. 


Monkey Dog 

Estelle is a purr machine literally. She doesn't even wait to be picked up. When she sees you, she starts purring and continues until you pick her up. Its probably manipulation on her part. I keep telling her that she should wait to purr until contact has been made with the person, but, she has not taken this advice. She sees, she purrs, she conquers.  She is quietly the boss of the pride, letting the others know she is in charge with the occasional light smack on their face. She is half Thai and half American Burmese. She is also the mother of the year. She loves having babies and being pregnant. So much so, I had to put her on vacation as she has no off button when it comes to having babies. 

Patel is a my latest stud. He has a really famous pedigree! Part of of his family comes from the Thai Cat Center in Bangkok and part of it some from Phyllis Wilson's line of stunning American sable Burmese. Here you will see his baby pictures and where he has gotten to so far. He lived with a bunch of siblings and when they would be pooled on my lap, he would jump to get between my neck and ears. He was like, let the commoners visit with you down below. I want a better seat. Very funny little cat. He is extremely muscular and lean. His father is Mister so he carries blue and champagne. 

He is a funny eater. He loves to throw his food around and then growl at it. Let's just say he is a messy eater. You will see him with his best friend, Rockatella. A blue girl I am keeping for breeding. He just hugs her at any chance he gets. I am very optimistic he will father many lovely kittens. 

Ok, there are three Thai girls in this slide show and one Thai boy. All three Thai girls are genetically Tonkinese, however, one is a Tortie tonk. The three girls could not be nicer.

The tortie girl, Pamela, is a super sweet but has a sassy disposition. She loves to be held, but, when she has someplace to go, she hops right out of your hands. 

One of the brown tonk girls is called Slenderella. She is the most svelte cat you have ever seen. She is so thin and elegant you rather have to see it with your own eyes. She is just plain sweet. 

And then there is the second Tonk girl, PauPau. I was told before she came that she liked things to go her way and did not mind smacking you if they did not go her way. That is her. 

So, all four cats have their own house and bed. When the other three cats are doing their jazzercise, PauPau goes and sits in the other cats beds. Well, that annoys them so they stop what they are doing and go and kick her out. She slaps them on the face and then removes herself from their bed. They also have their own toilet and sometimes she uses their litter box just to make a point. 

They are photographed together because they refused to sit for individual portraits. 

This is one of those cases where photographs do not do the cat justice. Dog, as we call him, is huge. He probably weighs 14 pounds and is long and tall. He is officially a Thai street cat. Shockingly, he is one of the nicest cats around. He purrs before you pick him up, likes to be carried like a baby, and follows you around like a dog. hence the name Dog. He is very athletic which is where he gets his other name, Monkey. Genetically he is a Seal Point Siamese but he is so genetically diverse you might not know it right away. 

​My first Burmese followed me everywhere and did not loose the group. It was great. We could walk to a neighbors house and he just stayed with me and walked back home. Never getting side tracked. At about the time the Burmese breed hit the genetic skids, my Burmese got kind of stupid. Like most definitely not able to walk from my house to another house and back. I am hoping to breed that follow trait back with this fabulous male. 

Violet is a very beautiful blue blue eyed cat. She and her friend lilac are quite the team. She is the relaxed one with the olympic purring skill and her room mate is the athlete. She walks over to Lilac and licks her ears and is the portrait of a mother cat. Everything in her mind is a baby and needs to be cleaned and watched over. Great cat. 


The Pork-Lets Twins 




Othello is from Incapaisley Cattery in California. He is the result of decades of breeding work done Phylls Wilson. Phyllis is smart, and knowledgeable, and an artist and all of that shows is apparent in Othello's health, personality, and beauty. He is an olympic gold cat. He is the perfect cat to pair with the Thai Burmese. He is just great and his kittens are really good. 

Finishing School.

If I am going to keep a cat for breeding, they have to come into my office for several months of finishing school. They won't be breeding cats forever and they have to be educated in the ways of living with people. So, they share my office with me until I decide they are polite enough to move onto one of the cat colonies. 

​These three girls, Fluffy face, Midge, and Grizwalda are perhaps the messiest cats I have had in the finishing school. They have the same dad, but, different moms. First you will see their polite girl portrait. Oh they look so sweet. Then comes their action shot where they decide to knock everything off my desk will wild abandon. 

Some Thai cats are shoulder riders and that would be Fluffy Face. As you can see, she likes to sit on my shoulders and can do it for hours. 

The Terror Girls 


The Thai Girls 

Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur 

Mister Patel 


Azulina is the daughter of Mister and Spot. She lives with her half sister Fleur. They are besties though Fleur runs the show. Azulina is tiny. She really favors her Thai genetics in that regard; Thai girls tend to be smaller than American girls. But, in the personality department, she has it going on. Her full brother is Fat Baby, though she is from a different litter. As you can see, she is blue and has lovely blue eyes. One could think she was a Tonk(carrying one Siamese gene and one Burmese gene) as her eyes are so blue, but she is genetically Burmese.

The significant thing here is that the default Thai eye color for a Burmese is not gold but rather aqua blue. I don't know where American Burmese picked up gold eyes, but, they did not come from Thailand. Azulina's aqua eyes are typical Thai. 

She has taken her time to think about mother hood and just came into heat at 14 months. She will have kittens in the spring. The father is Mr Patel and I can't wait to see what she will have.