King George is the son of Red Dirt and Golda. Genetically he is a Bangkok Mocha-Burmese or a Bangkok Bur-Mocha. He is a very very smart boy and you have to keep an eye on him, because he is always up to something. He is very social and has a lot of sister wives. And he loves to go visiting. He lives in the barn and has four different families he visits. And when he wants to go visiting, watch out. He will make a run for it. He is an olympic gold purr machine. I think he is highly manipulative... he uses his purring to get what he wants. 

Jelly is a big blue girl and the daughter of Estelle and this BIG BROWN BOY BROWNIE. I mean Brownie is a big imported Thai sable and he makes big kittens and his daughters make big kittens. Some of the boys are between 15-18 pounds. Jelly is a bit of watcher. She lives with her two sisters and she plays third fiddle to them. Basically her two sisters are super pushy and Jelly just hangs back. If you call her she comes but you have to beat off her sisters to give her attention. Her kittens are big and sweet. The girls are not as big as her boys. She is called Jelly as in Welches Grape Jelly because she is very dark blue. And her kittens are dark blue. This is one very smart cat and her kittens are smart as well.    

Jaspar the Dog Cat and his Dog friend Monster.

This is my sisters' dog and the dog cat I gave her. That is officially Jaspars' bed but Monster likes to sit on it with his best friend. As you can see, Jaspar is quite happy to share his bed with his friend. We are not sure what he thinks about the dog, but anything that gives him attention is welcome. 

Tilda and Brown Nose are what we are calling Bangkok cats. When I began importing cats from Thailand, I started getting some off colored kittens which blew up the genetic tests at UC Davis. They didn't know what to make of them so just stopped communicating with me. I found a lab in England that was a lot more helpful and it turned out I had accidentally found a new "Thai" color. It is not new in the sense it has existed in Thailand since forever, it just happened that I got three street cats the carried this never before discovered gene. As you can see, they have like a cream colored coat and very blue eyes. These two girls have the most fabulous kittens. My sister has one, Jasper, and you can see him below with his best friend the French Bulldog. He is so good natured he lets the dog bath him from head to toe. 

This new Thai color gene, called the cm gene, is responsible for some of the whacky colors I get in my litters. They are beautiful but most importantly, they make great kittens that make great pets. 

Mister Patel 


Charlotte AKA Coconut Booty 

Coconut Booty is a Thai Silver. Her father is Choco and his mother is a Thai x Silver shorthair cross. The silver gene makes her coat appear white. But, genetically she is a champagne Burmese. She is a big girl and she has big babies. The Booty is a very forward cat, she runs to jump on your lap as soon as she sees you. Because she carries so many traits, her kittens are quite diverse. Great cat, great mom. 

This is a new family I just put together, and it could not be more diverse. Isaacle is the future dad of the family. He is a platinum Bangkok Mocha. His sister wives are this really funny group of girls. They remind of of three old ladies, in fact they remind me of three old aunts of mine that all talked at the same time. In this case, all three talk to you at the same time, and want you to play with them at the same time. They are all about a year old and just running around like lunatics. They are all super sweet, but, demanding as can be. 

Isaacle looks like he has a huge nose but its just a bad picture. He is like a dog that wants to play fetch all the time. He brings you the toy, drops it, you throw it, and he is back again. Over and over again. 

Cherry is a real talker. Well, I am going to go with screamer. When I go into their house, she just lets it rip. Hello, hello, can you hear me?

Popsicle is a pudgy love pot. She just wants to be held all the time and never speaks a word. As long as you are holding her, she is happy. 

And then there is Beagle. She would be the girl that looks like a Beagle. You see lots of sable tuxedo Burmese in Thailand, but you do not see them here. Her mom was the infamous Screech, and she inherited one of Screech's many colors. As her name implies, she is all dog. 


Bug Eyes 

Rosalita, Rosalinda, and Carmelita 

Tilda and Brownie 

Lavinia is a really sweet, loving, and attentive girl. She is a dark sable and mostly has sable kittens. But, she does carry blue and has to occasional blue kitten. She would be the ideal cat, loving, quiet, likes to sit on your lap, doesn't hop around too much. She is pretty demanding, but, she is the grand daughter of Carmela, who you can see on the pushy cat video. 

Isaacle, Popsicle, Cherry, and Beagle 


BB is a Thai Platinum, at least genetically, and has the most stunning eyes. She lives with her two sisters, Maude and Sarah. She is a little shy and lets her sisters go out front. But, she waits patiently to be picked up and carried around. She is patient. Though she she sneaks in and jumps on your lap whenever she gets the chance. 


Bug Eyes had a rough start in life. Her mother was a Thai cat called Diva and her father was a Phyllis Wilson cat named Othello. Diva was a nice cat but she was a cannibal. It doesn't happen often in cats but it does happen. Diva killed two of her three babies and I managed to rescue Bug Eyes in time. It was a total hot mess. Fortunately Golda had kittens  at that time so I just dropped little Bug Eyes into her nest. Gold adopted her immediately and the rest of her childhood was good. But, she had these enormous ET eyes and she really looked like a bug. Hence her name Bug Eyes. Bug is a really intense cat. She is active and smart and so are her kids. She is very specific in everything she does. She goes on business trips around her house. Its like she is running errands all the time. If you call her, she comes right to you, and takes a seat. But, she keeps herself very busy. She shows 

Scooter and Luna 

Phyllis is a fabulous little cat and sweet beyond compare. First let me tell you about how she got her name. She is named after my deceased cat breeder friend Phyllis Wilson. Phyllis and I never met but we spoke on the phone weekly for  more than a decade. She bred Burmese cats in California for more than 50 years. She was an endless source of know how and knowledge about the Burmese breed. She knew where all the bones were buried when it came to Burmese cats. She would tell me which Burmese cattery quietly bred in Persians, or Exotic shorthairs, or domestic black cats from the fifties forward. She knew what every body did discreetly filled me in on all the "off book" breeding that went on in the early days of the breed. The early Burmese cats were all in California and they were very dark sable. Indeed, Phyllis was somewhat famous for her dark sables. She attributed this to the AliBaba cats in her line. Well, with the help of one of my satellite breeders, Amy Kirkland, I managed to save some of Phyllis's cats and we are now able to keep her line going. Phyllis is a platinum girl, the product of of my Thai hybrids and one of Phyllis's deep sable studs. Phyllis put a lot of work into her "Incapaisley" line of Burmese cats and Im happy to keep it alive. With some added Thai Burmese, of course. 

Choco is from Thailand and is a champagne Burmese. As tends to happen when we get cats from Thailand, their appearance and their genetics do not match. When he got here, he looked like a light sable Burmese. But, his genetic tests revealed was a solid champagne Burmese. Surprise! He is the nicest cat in the world. He just loves to be held and hugged all the time. He is a little bit adventurous. Though he has a house, girl friends, and children to tend, and a yard, he has a wondering eye. He is clearly interested in what the outside world has to offer. In this case, it would be wolves, foxes, and coyotes. None of which would want to be his friend. So, he can admire the greater out of doors from his 20 x 20 catio! He is a nice cat, but, what is really interesting is every kitten he has is ultra nice. Our cats are genetically diverse by design, and diverse means diverse. Diverse colors, diverse personalities, diversity all over the place. But, without any exception, Choco makes the nicest kittens. It doesn't matter who the mother is, or what their personality might be, the children of Choco are fantastic. His sons can be big. He has some 18 pound sons out there. He is a willowy 10 pounds but he is long and tall. Anyhow, he would be the perfect demonstration of an imported Thai Burmese. He does not look like an champagne American Burmese, and his babies grow big and strong. 

Golda is one pushy cat. She had to be trained not to jump up on peoples' legs! She just loves people and cannot get enough of them and it took a little work for her to learn they were not there for her pleasure. She follows me where ever I go and has no problem ramming a door if it is between me and her. Whenever a new person comes over, she jumps on their lap and introduces herself. She is half Thai and half American Burmese. 

She also likes to see her babies where she likes to keep her babies. 


King George 

Estelle is a purr machine literally. She doesn't even wait to be picked up. When she sees you, she starts purring and continues until you pick her up. Its probably manipulation on her part. I keep telling her that she should wait to purr until contact has been made with the person, but, she has not taken this advice. She sees, she purrs, she conquers.  She is quietly the boss of the pride, letting the others know she is in charge with the occasional light smack on their face. She is half Thai and half American Burmese. She is also the mother of the year. She loves having babies and being pregnant. So much so, I had to put her on vacation as she has no off button when it comes to having babies. 

Mr Patel is a fantastic stud. Nice, nice, nice. Personality and he has a really famous pedigree! Part of of his family comes from the Thai Cat Center in Ampawa Thailand,  and part of from Phyllis Wilson's line of stunning American sable Burmese. When he was a stud in training, he lived with a bunch of siblings. When the kittens would be pooled on my lap, he would jump to get between my neck and ears. He was like, let the commoners visit with you down below. I want a better seat. Very funny little cat. He is extremely muscular and lean. His father is Mister, a Platinum boy,  so he carries blue and champagne. 

He has three new sister wives, Rosalita, Rosalinda, and Carmelita. They are just 11 months old and run all over him. 

Rosalita and Rosalinda are sisters. They are champagne beauties. Their mom is Violette. Carmelita is their niece, daughter of Violettes daughter. TThey are part of a new family I just put together. Their sister husband is Mr. Patel. They are a really funny troupe of cats. They were raised together and are best friends. These cats are whacky in their own way and this little team is no exception. Their super hero talent is they move in tandem, wherever they go. And they are all champagne so, its like a creamy blur when they set upon you. Each is equally loving. They share a father, Choco, and thus are half imported Thai Burmese. Choco has a serious long nose and these three girls have astonishing short noses. They will have babies in the next six months and can have sables, champagne, blue, and platinum kittens. If you want a light colored cat, these girls will the mothers to many. 

Scooter and Luna are half sisters. In fact, I have a hard time telling them apart. They look alike and they are equally demanding of love. So they are always crawling all over me and super hard to tell apart. They are Sia-Mochas. They carry one Siamese gene and one Bangkok Mocha gene. You might mistake them for Siamese, but, if you really look at them, you can see the pinkish Mocha gene peaking through. These are two really nice girls and they have fabulous babies. So far, always on the same day. They are being mated to King George so they will have Sia-Mochas and Bur-Mochas. 





Ivan Ivanovich  

Ivan Ivanovich is one fabulous cat. I can't say he is the brightest cat in the world, but, sometimes have a slow moving permanently happy cat is an advantage. Though he may not be college material, he does have really great hair. Its lush and thick, kind of like clipped velvet. He is a platinum and I don't even know how to describe his eyes. They have a lot of colors going on, all at the same time. He is housemates with Phyllis and Bug Eyes, who adore him. He would be more about good looks than good conversation, but his sister wives don't seem to mind.