Due to the limitations of the web site building tool I use, I had to set up the kitten updates in a less than ideal manner. What you will find below is the latest litter update.  You can see the latest kittens, and it gives you an idea of what you will find in the older kitten updates stacked below.  To see earlier litter updates, just click on the buttons. Sorry for the weirdness, but, its the only way I could figure out how to keep the older updates and not have viewers scrolling down for a million years. Ok, here are the latest litter updates. 

Gold the Crack Whore: Reformed! 

October 3, 2018

Some of you may remember that Golda's trick was always as follows. She would have one kitten, timed when her sisters were having kittens, and she would drop the kitten off with a sister, and keep on moving. This went on for quite some time. On the 3rd she had three kittens, two platinums, and one sable. Drama struck when Diva, the crazy cat, abandoned her 4 kittens. They were born three days after Golda had her three. So, I snuck the four babies into her nest, rubbed the Golda kittens all over the orphans, and hoped Golda would accept them. Well, as you will see in the photographs, she did. Golda is now the proud mother of three kittens and four foster kittens. She has been totally reformed. No more drop off the baby and go back to the party. She is not only a full time mom, she is now fostering. 

​The good news is that Golda is overweight. She always has been. When she was expecting her single kitten, she would look like she was expecting 6. She is just a girl that needs to watch her kibble and doesn't bother. The upside is she has lots of milk and there is no concern about her getting too thin nursing 7 kittens. She could afford to use a few pounds. As you can see, she has become quite the mother. The bigger kittens are hers and the smaller kittens are her foster kittens. 

Crystal Shocks Us All! 

October 9, 2018

Crystal and Lucretia are room mates and best friends. And Crystal has one major job. Helping nurse Lucretia's huge litters. Crystal always has one kitten. Surprise. This time she had six. Lucretia and Crystal got so confused as to whose kitten belonged to whic  mother, I had to move Crystal and her brood to a private room in the guest house. Crystal descends from one of the cats I got from Preecha in Thailand, and, genetically she is a champagne Tonkinese. (bb cbcs Dd). However, her eyes are so blue you would never know she was a Tonkinese. Preecha has stunning blue eye color in his cats and she inherited it from her Thai mother. Wow. The father was Fat Baby. She had two sables, two platinums, one blue, and one champagne kitten. They eye color will be off the chart. They may or may not be blue, but, they will be dazzling whatever color they are. Dazzling is a sparkly clear back lit color and it is clearly inherited. The kittens may be gold eyed Burmese but they will have super radiant gold eyes. 

Possum and Fat Baby Have Four 

October 15, 2018

Possum is Fleur's sister. Her mom is Fig and her father was Mister. Much like her mom and her sister, she is a sensational mom. Though she lives with her mother, who is helping raise the kittens, she has four very fat fat babies. Perhaps they get that from their father who was known as fat baby as a child. 

Funny side note. Someone recently remarked that Fat Baby was neither anymore. True. He has grown up. Anyhow, Possum has two girls and two boys. two boys are going to be either champagne Burmese or sable Tonks and one girl is a sable tonk and the fourth girls is a white something. Both parents can produce platinum kittens so she might be a platinum. But, she is so light, she will be a super light platinum. 

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 Kittens: Recent Litters 

Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur 

Fleur became a teen mom last night. Or I should say yesterday because I was sitting with her from 1 pm and until 11 pm waiting for her to have all her kittens, the last of which arrived at 11 pm. Five beautiful babies. 

Fleur is about a year old and her pregnancy was kind of a surprise. Well, not a huge surprise but kind of a surprise. She lives with Mr. Patel, Big Head, and Azulina. They live in the teenager house and this group of cats are extremely immature.  None of them were showing any signs of reproductive maturity. The boys just layed around, playing like kittens, the girls never went into heat, etc. Sometimes the girls go into heat at six months so I was rather enjoying their ineptitude. They love each other and have a great time running and climbing in their outdoor enclosure. About a month ago Fleur starting getting a little chunky monkey and I suspected she might be pregnant. A week later I was convinced she was pregnant. But, like one kitten pregnant. As the boys are utterly kitten like, I had no idea who the father was.

Once I was certain she was pregnant, I had to face the sad facts. Fleur was a teen mom with an unknown baby daddy. 

There was great excitement amongst her pals when she went into labor. They all wanted to sit with her and lick her. They did eventually get bored and took off to play in their outdoor enclosure. First litters are always a bit tricky because the girl does not know whats going on. If you are not around to supervise, things can go seriously amuck.  

Those that follow the drama here may recall that last year when Spot went into labor, she thought she had to poop and gave birth to fat baby in the litter box and buried him in litter gravel. I happened to walk past the litter box and saw a poop moving, which poops don't do,  and he was rescued. To avoid another litter box rescue, I sat with Fleur all day..... Fat Baby looked like a powdered doughnut except the powder was not sugar. 

Anyhow, Fleur did a great job. And, the Baby Daddy was revealed. 



Fleur The Teen Mom 

Thai Burmese-Burmilla Hybrids 

All the kittens favor Big Head's Thai Burmese-Burmilla hybrid coloration so we know who the father was.

Big Head got his name because he has the biggest head in the world. At first I was worried he might have a cranial defect but after some tests, it turns out he just has a big head. He is the nicest cat in the world, not a rocket scientist, but sweet as he can be. Fleur is super sweet so these kittens should be the fantastic. Big Head and Fleur both have the stunning Thai eyes and I am hopeful the kittens will get them. 

Lucretia and Fat Baby Do It Again! 

September 16, 2018

Lucretia and Fat Baby love to have sexy time and love having babies. In their first litter, they had five. In their second litter, they had seven. This, their third litter they had 7. This is a very interesting mating because Lucretia carries the Burmese gene, the blue gene, and the champagne gene. In this litter she had 2 konjas(Bombay's), 2 sables, 2 blues, and 1 Platinum. Its a rainbow litter! 

So, for reasons no one can explain, after I photographed all the cats and kittens for the update, photographs uploaded upside down on the website. An inexplicable coding problem of some sort. So, I had to go out and photograph all the cats and kittens all over again. Well, in the meantime, Lucretia and misters kittens kicked all the litter out of their training litter box, and dragged wet food from one end of the kitten house to the other. They seem to drag it to their fathers favorite chair and eat it there. How I could not tell you. Fat Baby may have been implicated. His chair is already destroyed by kitten climbing so its no loss, but, it has a new element of kitten food stains. His chair may have to go to the bin after this latest episode. 

This mating is particular good because it brings together three different imported Thai lines and three good American lines. So, these cats are genetically sound, have great personalities, and if history repeats, they will be really good looking cats. Most importantly, their kittens make great pets. 

You will see in the photos how involved Fat Baby is with his children. He may not control their behavior much, but, he is a paws on dad.  

Estelle Has Five: In A Box. 

October 12, 2018

Estelle and Othello had five babies on the 12th. I had a very nice kitten nest set up for her but she had other plans. she dragged the blanket into a storage area, emptied a box, and had her kittens. She is such a nonchalant mother that when I went in to check on everybody she was having a nap in the sun. I thought she looked like she had lost weight and went on about my business. Then I noticed the contents of a box all over the floor and I suspected something was up. I looked in, and sure enough, she had five kittens. She had four sables and one blue. Its too early to say anything about sex, but time will tell. In case you don't know, I have three sisters that live in the barn. They help each other raise kittens and are quite inseparable. I now have three teenagers with the sisters, their daughters, and they were playing with the contents of the emptied box. They do what kittens do, which is drag crap everywhere making a mess as they go along. They kicked some cat litter from a litter box onto the box contents, and as you will see, were having quite the party outside Estelle's chosen nest box. 

I used to move the moms from their chosen delivery spot, change the blankets, and I have learned the hard way. I don't do anything for a week. It just makes them mad and they move the kittens even more. I leave everything alone for a week, and once the kittens are a week old, I move them and change their linens to my liking. It our compromise.  

Banjee Has Six! 

September 26, 2018

Banjee lived with Mister for the longest while and just never had kittens. It turns out, though they loved each other, their blood types did not feel the same way. Incompatible blood types resulted in her never getting pregnant. Well, Mister retired and moved to Massachusetts recently and Banjee met our new leading man, Othello. They literally ran into each other. I quickly realized the two ships passing in the night was enough because Banjee was pregnant. Very pregnant. She had six kittens, four sables and two Konja's(Bombay). Oddly, they are all boys! Its one big family of boys. 

Banjee's mother was a sable cat from Preecha of the Thai Cat Center in Ampawat, Thailand. He recently passed away. I was lucky enough to get her mom while he was living. He bred the best deep brown Burmese in Thailand and these baby sables will be ultra dark chocolate brown. The Konjas will be what I call shocking Thai black. Thai black cats have a depth of color that is astonishing and a super short coat. Super short and super glossy. Anyone interested in a Bombay should check these out!