Burmese Kittens

Dr. Douglas Schar and Dr. Anatoly Vinokur 

Mittens has 4! May 19, 2019

I spend a lot of time trying to make healthy Burmese cats, and, it has been a learning experience for sure. I knew from the outset that the goal was to increase genetic diversity and thereby increase the health of the breed. What I had not counted on was the unique qualities of some of the cats coming from Thailand. As an example, mittens is called mittens because she has two drops of white on each of her front feet. They kind of look like mittens. Not full mittens, just like tips of mittens. And she has a white lip. Anyhow, she is a genetically diverse Thai Burmese cat and she demonstrate her diversity in color patterns that have not been seen in the Burmese in about 50 years. All these "imperfections" have been bred out. Of course, when the imperfections went, so do other things, like health. What I have learned is this. Genetically diverse is genetically diverse. Its a complete sentence, and in my case, it leads to a lot of surprises in litters. One of Mittens kittens has a white spot on her chin! Anyhow, her baby dad was Mr.Patel, and owing to her blue eyes, she is likely to have sable kittens with blue eyes. You will notice the two white kittens in the litter. Those are Violet's two white girls I snuck into Mittens litter. You can tell them apart. Mittens babies are dark brown, Violet's fostered kittens are white. 

Screech and her baby Alvin May 11, 2019

Though I tell Screech she is the most beautiful cat in the world, the truth is, she is probably one of the weirdest looking cats I have seen. We saw her in Thailand and realized she was unlikely to be appreciated there and brought her back. I felt bad for her and pulled one of my good Samaritan routines. Her situation was a little grim and she just caught my eye.  And, she is probably the luckiest weird looking cat in the world. Most cats like her don't end up in the deluxe life she is living.  Anyhow, the big question was, what is she? Rather hard to tell from her outward appearance. Turns out she is a Calico Tonkinese. She carries the Siamese gene, the Burmese gene, the blue gene, and the red gene.

But, the best part about Screech is that she thinks she is the most beautiful cat in the world. And, she is ultra demanding. When I pet her, if I stop, she yells at me. When she was expecting, owing to the fact she was an older first time mom, kept her in my office. She sat on my lap the whole time, and if I stopped petting her, she screeched. Hence the name screech. And I mean, she screeches. Its pretty funny. She is a total princess, thinks the world revolves around her. Her screeching is one of her most endearing qualities. 

Anyhow, she and Dog made beautiful music together, and that left her in the family way. I was really holding my breath with no clue what sort of kittens she would have. After faking me out, living it up in my office for a month, she finally had her KITTEN. Alvin. One kitten. And you will not believe what she had. A blue point Siamese. He was pure white at birth and has developed blue points. And Screech is an ultra delighted older mother. She thinks Alvin is the best, yells at him all the time, and at one week, he began talking back to his mother. 

Screech lives with Slenderella and Mr. Patel, and her roommates all pitch in with Alvins childcare. In the photo array that follows, you will see all three adults learn Alvins backside, one after the next. That is cat for changing his diaper. This is a case when you would never put mother and son in the same room! 

You want health, you are going to deal with diversity. And this is case in point! 

Violet Has 8!  May,18 2019

Violet is a small little cat that consistently has big litters. Last summer, she had nine. This is an especially exciting litter because the father is Abraham. Abraham comes from this group of Thai cats that carry a newly identified gene. We first discovered the gene when we imported three sable cats that had stunning blue eyes. It turns out, they carried one copy of the Burmese gene and one copy of a gene not previously identified. So, its anyones guess as to what Violets kittens will be. She had two dark brown, two cream brown, and four white kittens. Violet has blue eyes and Abraham has blue eyes. So, they will be blue eyed. I suspect they will end up looking like the original blue eyed sables I accidentally imported from Thailand. Though Violet had a big litter, I didn't want to find out whether she could nurse such a big litter. Fortunately, Mittens had a litter the next day and I was able to sneak two of Violets kittens under Mittens. So, two of Violets kittens are being fostered by a mom with a smaller litter. 

Golda and Mr.Patel have six! Ready to Go Home on the 15th of May 

As some of you know, Golda had a rough start as a mother. Her first two litters contained one kitten and she would often drop her single kitten with her sisters to be nursed. Otherwise, she would carry the kitten around like a handbag and sometimes would loose it. However, it recent days she has pulled it together and is now mother to the universe. She now has six kittens, nurses them all, and has on occasion nursed orphan kittens. Her full name was Golda the Crack Whore as her mothering style favored those addicted to the crack. But, she is up for a name change, as she has changed her ways. She is a reformed woman. Change is possible. The father of her litter is Mr.Patel, a stunning super dark sable that comes out of the Incapaisley Burmese line and a Thai girl from the famous Thai Cat Centre in Thailand. He has the dark Sable color Phyllis Wilson perfected at Incapaisley and the vigor of his Thai ancestors. The litter contains three sables, a champagne, a blue, and probably champagne. Remember, genetically diverse results in diverse kittens... no one looks like the the next. 

Estelle and Mr.Patel Have 3: April 18, 2019

I really like what I do. What is not to like about spending your days playing with kittens, right? But, it is also filled with tragedy and Estelles recent litter has some sadness attached to it. She lives in the barn with her sister Golda and the porklets, the two teenage sable  terrorists. These two young girls are just about as nice as can be, active as can be, but super super nice. But, they got into some mischief recently that had lethal consequences. And, even though I feel like I have been through it all, this was even a new one for me. Here is the whole sad saga. Estelle had five babies, and she decided to have them in a box. She is kind of like that.She has her kittens where and when the feeling strikes. I happened to be out of the barn when the birth occurred with lethal consequences.   Bug Eyes and Gwena-sneeze, also known as the Porklets, were so excited that their mother and aunt had babies they got in the box with her, and sat on the new borns. They accidentally asphyxiated two of the kittens.  I never saw that one coming, have never had it happen before, and it will never happen again.  So, I came into the barn, found Estelle with three babies, and the Porklets sitting in the box with her. To my horror, I discovered they were sitting on two new borns. Like I said, I like what I do, but, working with animals is not without its unpredictable and unfortunate moments. So, three stunning kittens made it. 

Fleur and Mr.Patel Have 2: May 07, 2019

Fleur is just about the sweetest cat on the planet. She just wants to be held and loved and is always in a good mood. Her most recent husband was Mr. Patel. She and Mr.Patel carry all the colors and she had one champagne kitten and one platinum kitten. This was a small litter for her so the kittens are big fat fluffy balls. They are super social kitties, probably because their mom has nothing but time for them. Fleur lived with Azulina until recently. They were half sisters and best friends. Sadly, Azulina had a disastrous litter and has moved onto a pet home. I really hate breaking up families but I can only keep breeding cats and Azulina was just not a breeding cat. So, basically Fleur is bored out of her mind and spends all day long playing with her kittens. 

My plan is to move Fleur into a new family. I have two Thai cats, David and PaupPau. PauPau came with two other girls from Thailand, who she hated. That would be Screech and Slenderella. The magic was just not there. She hated them, and they hated her. So, with any luck, PauPau and Fleur will get along, and both of them will like David. And, a new family group will be born. Or, they will hate each other. In which case, I will keep Fleur's platinum daughter and will start a new colony around those two. Keeping all these personalities happy is a job. The old family groups work just fine, but, when I import cats from Thailand, I have to introduce them to old family groups or start new family groups, and that can take some doing. 

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