Golda and Chaco have Seven ready to go home 5/22/2021

Golda is one of our best mother's. She is gentle and kind with her kittens and makes some wonderful happy cats. Choco, from Thailand, lends a super social, people-centered vibe to the personality mix. He also has very strong champagne genes! This litter is almost entirely champagne from creamy light champagne to darker caramel like he is. These babies will be active cats that want all of your attention, boundary setting and having time to spend with these babies is critical. 

Jelly and Vlad have Four Ready to Go home 5/8/2021

Jelly is named for her deep blue coat is like Welch's grape jelly. She is an elegant Blue Burmese, a loving purr-box to those she knows well. Vlad, our laid back handsome blue point stud brings us four deliciously blue kittens with sweet playful personalities. They are raised by Jelly and her Auntie's they love communal parenting and help each other with nursing and cleaning their babies. Jelly's babies are nearly 8 weeks now and they love to cuddle with Lavinia's five week old kittens. 

Scooter and Zeke have Five ready to go home 5/15/2021

Scooter Pop is an outgoing, loving, social cat and was that way from the moment her eyes opened. As a young kitten she would run to greet you as soon as soon as she was able to walk, we had to be really careful as she was always begging for attention when she was just teacup sized. So we named her Scooter Pop. This is her first litter and she did a marvelous job. She has lots of Thai genetics. She gets her unique coloring from Bangkok Mocha genes. She has Siam-Mocha kittens, a Blue Point and a Seal Point. Zeke is a snuggle bug who also has stunning eyes. These babies are personality plus and will be gorgeous. 

Sister wives Tilda and Brownie and daddy Vlad Have Eight & Fostering two Screech kittens ready to go 5/15/2020

Tilda and Brownie are half sisters and live with their husband Vlad. These two Bangkok Mochas are aggressively loving cats and their kittens are really really personable. Vlad is laid back and mostly sits in his cat tree and watches his sister wives and children run around their house. My sister has one of Tilda's babies, and he sleeps on her English Mastiff, thinking he is a big cat heating pad. And, allows her French Bulldog to groom him til he is soaking wet. So, when I say easy going, I do mean easy going. These kittens end up with lovely blue to brilliant aqua eyes and a light champagne coat.  

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