Golda and Estelle Kitten Shit Show  Ready to go home 15 October and 21 October 

We watched the Amazon series called Transparent. The intro says something like, a Los Angelos Jewish family with boundary issues. Well, that does jot do the series justice, and, when I say Golda and her sister are a Thai family with boundary issues, I am not exaggerating. Golda had six kittens, and when they were a week old, Estelle had 7. The just put them in one big pile. I was afraid the younger babies would not get enough nursing time, as kittens fight like piranha for boob access. I was watching the situation very carefully. But, all the babies, younger and older, had big fat full bellies. So, they all got enough milk. Now they just run all over the place all at the same time. You have to go into and out of their house with extreme caution because its like kitten pandemonium. And, the kittens are human voice activated. When they here voices, they start heaving to and fro. The younger kittens are not quite as sophisticated in their movement, being a week younger, but, like lemmings, when the older team hears a human voice and heads for it, wobbly as they may be, the younger seven make a fun for it. Hot Mess. But, they will all make great pets. They are all great kittens.  

Blue Girl and Abraham have 5!     Ready to go home 21 October 

Blue Girl is Violette's Blue Burmese daughter and I had my doubts about her. Her first litter was with her first husband, Mr.Patel. When I say it was a disaster, I am not kidding. First litters can either go smoothly or disastrously. Some of the girls know what's going on, and some of them just have no clue. I suspected Blue Girl was with child, but, she did not look that pregnant. Remember, my cats live in family groups so I do not know when they get pregnant. They never go into heat. Anyhow, I cam into their Violet and Blue Girls pad to find something out of Halloween. There were kittens and placenta from one end of the room to the next. She had six kittens and by the time I discovered the Melee, four had chilled down and had already gone to the big litter pan in the sky. Two were still alive and I warmed them up under the tap and got them going. It was super sad and a big gross clean up. So, I was really nervous about Blue Girl's second litter. Like, would it end in something that looked like a crime scene. Well, to my happy surprise, again, though she didn't look that pregnant, I went in for a quick hello and found she had five kittens cleaned, dried, stacked in a tight pile, fed, and she was sitting on a chair with her mom doing her nails. She figured it out. No crime scene. Just five fat bellied babies happy as can be. 

What color are they? AHHHH. Sable. Champagne. and a bunch somewhere in between. Let's go with brown. Brown with blue eyes. 

Screech and Mr. Patel Make Some Colorful Music : Ready to go home 21 October

Screech is one of my favorite cats. I would say say is perhaps one of the weirdest looking cats I have. Genetically she is a tortie tonkinese. This means she carries one Siamese gene, One Burmese gene, and one red gene. And therefore, capable of having a true kaleidoscope of color. She is 100% personality. She is called Screech because she yells at me. Like all the time. Pick me up. Rub me. I dont like this water. She just yells at me at whatever chance she gets. In her first litter, she had one child, Alvin. He started out white as milk and finished out like a seal point Siamese. But, her first husband was Dog, an imported Seal Point Siamese. Her second husband is Mr. Patel and she outdid herself with this litter. It is all over the place. One sable Burmese, one red Burmese, one red Tonkinese, and one tortie Burmese. We call this one sock monkey because the little girl rather looks like a sock monkey. Anyhow, Screech is the worlds happiest mom. She loves her babies. She decided her best friend Slenderella's three kittens were also hers and moved them all to her kitten drawer. The older kittens are not thrilled about being stuck in a drawer with new babies, but, staying put beats being yelled at and hauled back to the drawer by Screech. They even peep their heads over the drawer and Screech is screams, I see you. Too funny. Anyhow, it appears all the kittens are blue eyed and will be unusual looking, to say the least. 

Two Thai-dilla's                                                         Ready to go home 15 October 

So, I continue to experiment with the Burmillas, and, Astrid, a Seal Burmilla,  and Dog, had two kittens. You can't really tell, but they are sable Tonkinese with the silver gene added on top.The silver gene wipes out the first 75% of the hair shaft and turns the hair white. To know their color, you have to look at the tips of the hair.  Mostly they just look like white cats with VERY VERY blue eyes. What I am finding is that when you cross a Burmilla and a Thai cat, the kittens all pretty much look alike! They are very white with very blue eyes. As you can see. I am tentatively calling them Thai-dillas because its a horrible hame and I have a penchant for ridiculous names. The mom and the dad both have excellent personalities and the kittens will follow suite. 

Barb and Dog have two.                                   Read to go home 21 October

Barb is the daughter of Estelle and Othello. And, her name around here is Barb the Bitch. She loves people. Cannot get enough. But, she only likes two cats. Her best friend Cardi B and her husband Dog. That's it. Everybody else, she cannot stand. My plan was to keep Barb with her mother, Estelle, and Cardi with her foster mother, Golda. However,  Barb started slapping her mother on the face. Then she started slapping her aunt Golda on the face. Cardi is her lady in waiting. So Barn would march up to her mom or her aunt, with Cardi pulling up the rear, slap them both on the face, and then Barb and Cardi would take off. I don't do discord around here, and, it was clear Barb wanted her own colony. So, she and Cardi B are going it alone. Barb had her first litter, a sable and a blue. and is a super duper mom. Cardi B sits on top of the nest keeping watch, though she does not have anything to do with the babies. Dog loves both Barb and Cardi B equally and is crazy about his babies. 

‚ÄčThis is a key point. I dont have any peeing around here. Because, I run a conflict free cattery. When cats dont get along, I just make a new colony. I have never had a daughter slap her mother on the face before, but, there is a first for everything. 

Princess and Mr.Patel Have Five   Ready to go home October 1! 

Princess is a lovely cat and Mr.Patel is Mister Personality. So, their kittens are really great and will make superb pets. The color will be largely white, with color on the tips of the hairs. Some will have black tips and others will have blue tips. As you will see, the difference is hard to make out. You have to look closely to see the it. 

Tilda and Brown Nose: 6 and 6 makes 12.  Ready to go home 21 October. 

Brown Nose and Tilda are half sisters from Thailand. And they are polar extremes. Brown Nose is skinny as a run way model and Tilda could be mistaken for a Vietnamese pot belly pig. They had kittens one week apart, and once again, why have two nests when you can pile them all into one nest. Fortunately, all of Brown Nose's kids are dark sables and all of Tilda's kittens are champagne kittens. At least we can tell them apart. Brown Nose baby daddy is Mr. Patel. Tilda's baby daddy is Abraham. But, they are all very human oriented and come running when they hear your voice. The eye color is a good question and I have no idea. Both mom's have lavender colors eyes and the one dad is gold eyed and the other dad is blue eyed. So, anybodies guess. I am going with sables and champagnes with mystery eye colors. 

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